I started to work on this small addon after I did my first steps to become a Blender Artist. But I really missed the 3ds Max easy and interactive object creation methods I got used to in the last 10 years. So I decided to write one and named it QBlocker. :)

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  • Edit -> Preferences -> Add-ons -> Install
  • Select the donwloaded ZIP file.
  • Click the tickbox to enable addon.
  • Choose you prefered select mouse button for the addon.
  • Done!


  • Active mouse button: Select your prefered mouse button.
  • Show orientation axis: Hide axis from view when moving mouse.
  • Ignore objects behing grid: If active, surfaces behind grid will ignored.
  • Snap Distance: Set the minimum distance to snap a point.
  • Default segments: Set the segments count for cylinder and sphere.

Where to find

  • View3D -> Add -> QBlocker
  • Shift + A -> QBlocker
  • Object Mode Context Menu -> QBlocker


From 0.14 the addon removed from context menu.


Create Objects

Working Plane

Hotkey: W

You can create aligned working plane on the surface of the objects, and create new meshes on the grid.

  • Lock working plane grid center to snap points.
  • The plane data saved for the addon, so creating new objects will recall the previous plane.
  • The plane grid size match with the Blender original grid steps.
_static/gif_workingplane1.gif _static/gif_workingplane2.gif


Hotkey: Q

You can change the alignment calculation of the objects.

  • Axis align: The object rotation similar to the blender original world rotation.
  • Oriented align: If the target is and object, the rotation is calculated from the target polygon smallest bounding box.

Ignore Object behind grid

Hotkey: E

If the surface behind the grid, the snapping and object creation calculated on the grid.


Base type


For all object type there are four variation to lay down the base of the mesh:

  • Corner to corner ( Default )
  • Centered Rechtangle ( Ctrl )
  • Centered Square ( Shift )
  • Uniform All ( Ctrl + Shift )
_static/gif_basetype_1.gif _static/gif_basetype_2.gif _static/gif_basetype_3.gif _static/gif_basetype_4.gif

Increment Height

Hotkey: Hold Shift

You can force height value to increment by the grid step.


Origin position

Hotkey: O

You can switch ground or centered origin on the fly.


Mesh alternative

Hotkey: H

In Cube and Cylinder operator you can switch mesh type.

  • Plane <-> Cube
  • Circle <-> Cylinder

Smooth Geommetry

Hotkey: D

You can toggle smoothness of Cylinder and Sphere.


Change Segments

Hotkey: S

You can change the Cylinder/Circle and Sphere segments by holding the S key and moving your mouse left and right.


Vertices and Edges Snap

Hotkey: Y, Z

Calculate snapable point on the polygon vertices and edges, based on the snap division.


Oriented Grid Snap

Hotkeys: X

The oriented bounding box will calculate the smalest bbox rotation for your polygon to align perfectly with the surface.


Change Snap Subdivision

Hotkeys: Hold C + Mouse Wheel Up/Down , Hold F + Mouse move left/right

You can change the subdivision for snapping. In simple snap it will multiply the snap points on edges. With oriented snap it will increase the subdivison of the grid.


Turn into Cylinder

With this tool, you can turn your active object into a cylinder.

  • Segments: Change the new cylinder segments count.
  • Origin centered (on): Use the object origin as a center of the new cylinder.
  • Origin centered (off): Calculate the cylinder size and position from the mesh volume.
  • Origin at the bottom: Offset the cylinder, so the origin will be at the bottom polygon.
  • Uniform radius: X and Y scale will be set to the bigger one to create uniform cylinder.
  • Use custom radius: Ignore the original mesh volume and set the radius manually.


  • The recalculated cylinder based on the mesh volume, not some predicted radius.
  • Changing the segments with the tool multiple time without the uniform option can cause the cylinder to shrink in a direction.
  • Even if you original object had some uniform scaling, the tool will compensate it. So custom radius won’t affected by the object scale.

Parametric Objects

Properties Panel-> Object Data->QBlock Properties

After QBlock object created, you can change the parameters and regenerate the mesh. This will only refill the mesh data with the new geommetry so modifiers can be applied. You can change the mesh type even after the object created.




  • Additional addon settings for colors and scales.
  • New option to ignore mesh behind the grid with E key.
  • Parametric objects.
  • QBlocker panel removed from context menu.


  • Default segments count in preferences.
  • The closest snap point now calculated by distance.
  • Snap variations now mapped to Y(Z) and X keys.
  • Change snap subdivision can be changed by holding the C key and use the mousewheel.
  • Creating object in local view now remain visible.
  • BaseTypes now can be set with the ctrl and shift keys.
  • New Turn into Cylinder tool.


  • Axis and Oriented coordinate systems.
  • Working Space feature.
  • Axis orientation now aligned to blender world.
  • Optional Hold or Toggle settings for snap in preferences.
  • High resolution text row gap fixed.
  • New object created into the active collection.


  • Add Plane and Circle mesh alternatives for operators.
  • “Resolution Scale” in “Preferences” now affect addon ui text size.
  • Snap points can now be generated on objects with modifiers.
  • Activate Snap remapped to ‘CTRL’ key to avoid Maya like camera control.
  • Exiting addon while creating mesh now deletes unfinished object.
  • Tweak segments when holding ‘S’ now locks mesh height.
  • Shader Compile Error fixed.
  • Addon has unique preference for select_mouse to avoid custom keymap issues.